World judo games 2018, Bulgaria

World judo games 2018, Bulgaria

The world judo games will take place in the Bulgarian city of Pazardzhik in June, 2018.

The world judo games will be is carried out to the second time. The first games of judokas have taken place in 2015.

As envisioned by organizers the World judo games are carried out once in three years.

The WJG 2018 program is extensive and includes sports and competitive, scientific and educational and cultural and leisure blocks.

The head of the sports and competitive block of the world judo games is the famous athlete of judo, the bronze medalist of the Olympic Games in Athens, the numerous prize-winner of the European championships, the repeated winner of World Cups, Georgi Georgiev.

The head of the scientific and educational block of the world judo games is the founder of the world association of judo, the head of the «We Study Judo» program, Roman Karasev.

Cultural and leisure public and cultural figures of Bulgaria and the city of Pazardzhik are engaged in the block.

The sports and competitive block consists of holding a tournament and the training camp on judo among various age groups, of 6 years and is more.

The scientific and educational block consists of carrying out a theoretical practical training in traditional forms of sets of exercises judo (jujutsu): ju-no kata, kime-no kata, kaname-no kata, nage-no kata, etc. Also includes holding of conferences on various subjects of judo (jujutsu) regarding studying.

The cultural and leisure block consists of holding excursions, campaigns, competitions on various subjects, such as art, music, poetry, creativity, science and other.

Detailed information on participation in the world judo games (the program, hotels, dates and other) will be available on the website of the World association of judo and on the website of the World judo games in the nearest future.

Material was prepared the Myth Niprus, by the head of the WJG 2018 information service.