Management and award carrying out

The chairman of organizing committee of the award «Genius of a judo» — Karasev Roman. The general management in award preparation carries out organizing committee. Direct carrying out and award service is carried out executive committee.

Regulations and nominations

The award is awarded on seven nominations:

The best region.

The best club.

The best judoist.

The best judoist.

The best coach of a judo (man).

The best coach of a judo (woman).

For development judo in the world.

Voting conditions

All interested persons take part in voting irrespective of age and a floor the physical persons who have sent the demands in taken away terms and according to requirements of organizing committee.

Each person has the right to vote only once.

Voting terms

Voting begins since December, 1 2017 and proceeds till December, 31 2017 inclusive. Results of voting appear on January, 20, 2018. The information on a venue of ceremony of rewarding of winners of the award, will be declared on January, 25, 2018.

Way of voting

It is possible to vote on the Internet.


System of definition of winners in nominations

The winner in a nomination is defined by the greatest quantity of voices of the physical persons who have voted for it. In case of identical quantity of voices at nominee, the winner is defined by a commission of experts internal voting. If at voting of a commission of experts of a voice were distributed fifty-fifty the winner is defined by head of a commission of experts.

Rewarding of winners in nominations

Winners in nominations will be awarded by the special diploma, a memorable gift and a prize from sponsors awards.

Expenses for participants voise

All expenses connected with sending of voices on the Internet are born by senders.

Expenses for nominees

All expenses connected with moving to a place of delivery of the award and back, residing and a food nominees or the sending organizations bear.

Price fund

The price fund is formed of means of sponsors and patrons of art of the award «Genius of a judo».


The copyright to the name and award carrying out «the Genius of a judo» belongs to Karasev Roman